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cd cover Yölariis
YÖLARiiS (Tutl)
cdRoots Code: tutl-yolariis

YÖLARiiS is new folk music by Dan Svensson (percussion, melodeon, cittern, vocals, tenor banjo), Per Knagg (bass, vocals), Anna Elwing (vocals, fiddle, singing bowl) and Jens Ulvsand (bouzuki, vocals). Their music is defiantly modern and global, yet deeply imbued with the ancient melodies and rhythms of Sweden.

Blommorna Pa Marken
En Midsommarafton/Brist Hjerta
Jag satter mig med


More info:
Anna Elwing – singer and fiddleplayer, maybe most known in Sweden for the wellrecieved album “Alwa” from 2002 with the band Alwa. In Germany Anna is more familiar as one of five in the scanian folkmusicgroup Plommon, that toured regularly in Europe for many years. Lately Anna found a great interest in mantrachanting and singing from the kundaliniyoga tradition. The force behind her singing is to expand and communicate on all levels.

Dan Svensson is a multi instrumentalist who´s main focus is on percussion and vocals. He takes part in many different bands like ODE, Alla Fagra and Tarabband, and he is always open for new experiences through music.
"I believe there is a style of music to each sentiment, and the other way around, sentiment to music. And I can easily spend my waking hours exploring mental and musical moods by playing different genres and different instruments in different constellations. My making music isn’t connected to a specific instrument, anything is an instrument if need be."

Jens Ulvsand - bouzouki and guitarplayer and singer who has been on the Scandinavian folk music scene since the mid 90's. Jens has played in bands such as Avada Trio Mio, Willie Mbuende band Færd etc. and, alongside touring (Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.) have recorded some twenty CDs of folk / world genre. Jens also work a lot with folk music education (Malmö Academy of Music, Odense Music Conservatory, Skurups folkhögskola), workshops and courses and the core of this is always the groove.
"Wish it was me that said, 'It dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing'."

Growing up next to a lake, the singing ice during the winter reminds me of the great forces of nature, I can not control. Just like the music. But I try to be a part of it."Per Knagg plays the acoustic sixstringed bass, acoustic bowed bass, fretless bass, and sings in Yölariis. He is also a member of the Swedish folk band Alla Fagra.

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