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Fýra nætur fyri Jól (Tutl Records)

Valeri Dimchev (tamboura), Dragomir Dimov (tarambuki, perc), Agnar Lamhauge (bass), Óli Olsen (piano, voc), Eyðun Lamhauge (guitar), Justin Philbrow (guitar), Kári Sverrisson (vocal, guitar)

The Faroese folk band Enekk plays original music and new arrangements of traditional Faroese tunes together with their Bulgarian friends, folk musicians Valeri Dimchev and Dragomir Dimov from the town of Blagoevgrad. A blend of Faroese and Bulgarian tonality, rhythm and tempo.

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"Enekk is certainly a band who look upon their musical material with the utmost seriousness. They seem to strive towars a viable unity between the various aspects of their music, and their attempt to build musical bridges between different traditions is a success - and it is probably a worthwhile path into the future". - Jn Thorsteinsson, Fjlnir

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