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Retrograd (Tutl)

This unorthodox Danish small orchestra performs music that is high-energy, humorous and virtuoso bastard-ethno music: original folk music-based compositions containing odd meters, wildness, energy and catchy melodies, but also moments of meditation and melancholy. Thwre are hints of klezmer and other eastern European sounds, but the final mix is all their own.

Tivoli Invaliid
Sumpdronten la Schwennske Orient
tattar humpa

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The band says:
During the past couple of years, Afenginn has obtained quite large attention due to their high-energetic, humoristic and virtuous bastard-ethno music, which can be traced back to the dark suburbs of Retrograd - or a place nearby. In the backyards of Retrograd, the roots and traditions of ethnic folk music meet with sporadic classical and unorthodox inputs from near and far. Everything is shaken and turned on its head. Afenginn is now back from Retrograd in one piece and in their original and personal universe, a small part of the true history of Retrograd might possibly be found...

It is foremost as a captivating live band, that Afenginn has been recognized. The concerts are characterized by great energy and sheer madness? These elements have been fully captured on the album "Retrograd". This is achieved by doing "live" recording in the studio together with great guest musicians. Except for the five gentlemen on - respectively - violin, clarinet, mandolin, bass and drums, also accordion, brass quartet, string quartet, "garbage-o-phone" and xylophone can be heard. The music on "Retrograd" spans from up-tempo power-humppa, over classical soundings to sophisticated sounds of trash.

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