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Klaus Sande
Hardingfele (Ta:lik, Norway)

Historic recordings by Norwegian hardangar fiddler Klaus Sande (1910 - 1978). There are 64 known recordings of Klaus’s playing. All recordings were made when he was well up in years, but nevertheless we get to hear a reasonably spry fiddler. Arne Bjørndal (1882-1965) was behind most of the recordings, and in 1961 he recorded 34 tunes played by the 73-year-old Klaus. This wasn’t Bjørndal’s first contact with Sande music. In 1916, while on a visit in Sogn, he made notations of 14 tunes after Klaus’s father, Lars Sande. Oddvar Eikelund (1926-2001), a relative of Klaus’s, made recordings of 24 tunes in approximately 1960. There are also some small series of recordings in private ownership. This CD presents a selection of the tunes from the recordings Arne Bjørndal and Oddvar Eikelund made of Klaus Sande.

Excellent historical and musicial notes in Norwegian and English


Klaus Sande was born July 26,1888, on the Sande farm at Ortnevik, Kyrkjebø (now Høyanger). His parents were Lars Øysteinson Sande (1854-1929) and Marta Klausdotter Sande, born Nesse (1860-1928), and the family had seven children.

In 1902, when Klaus was 14 years old, the family moved to Nessane in Vik (now Balestrand), where Lars had bought Marta’s brother’s farm. Klaus lived at Nessane the rest of his life, and in his adult years he operated the farm together with three of his siblings, Eivind, Øystein, and Anna. They carried on traditional farming with livestock and also grew fruit.

Klaus came from a family that highly appreciated music and song. There had been fiddlers and singers on both his mother’s side and his father’s side. Klaus’s father, Lars Sande, was a well-known fiddler, and Klaus learned his first fiddle tunes from him. At home at Nessane Klaus played music every day. He sat in the living room or the small side room and played for those who wanted to hear. If guests came, it wasn’t long before he took out his fiddle.

In the side room he also worked on his many fiddles, some of which he had made himself. Klaus was both fiddler and cultural personality. In his local environs he was know for his exceptionally witty repartee and his good stories.

Klaus died December 29, 1963.

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