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Tierra Traditcional

The second volume of the Africando phenomena, features Ronnie Baro, Pape Seck, Medoune Diallo, and Nicholas Menheim.

" The first volume of this fantastic ensemble was so highly and widely praised that it is a given that the rest of the sessions recorded in 1992 would be at least almost as good. The pleasure here is it seems Sylla and company were holding out on us, and these are possibly even better. This trans-Atlantic re-fusion of Cuban salsa and three of west Africa's great singers is as energized as any music can be. Singer Ronnie Baro and some of his former cohorts from New York's Orquestra Broadway are joined by Pape Seck and Medoune Diallo, two stalwarts of the African music scene, and Senegalese upstart Nicholas Menheim for another binge of pure Latin soul. You know the history from last year's Trovador, so just dig into some more great grooves; the steamy "Xale Bile" fueled by Diallo's classic Orchestra Boabab style; a hot version of "La Bamba" showcases Menheim in a wild salsa reinterpretation of the Mexican folk tune with a classic trumpet solo from Bomberito Zarzuela. Baro's "Ken Moussoul Guis Li" in Wolof and Seck's Spanish version of "Sama Thiel" make the obvious nods to one another's influences. Simply put, this is as good as music gets." - RootsWorld

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