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cd cover Tabu Ley Rochereau
The Voice of Lightness 1961-77 (Stern's)

This 2 CD set is comprehensive look at trhe legendary Congolese artist's career in recordings from the 60s and 70s. Beautifually packaged with excellent notes by Ken Braun. Essential work by a ground breaking singer and bandleader. Highly recommended.


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Tracks: (listen to samples of all tracks)
    CD 1
  • 01 Kelya 04:44
  • 02 K.J. 04:47
  • 03 Succes African Jazz 03:58
  • 04 Pesa Le Tout 04:38
  • 05 Nalembi Nalembi 02:57
  • 06 N'daya Paradis 02:35
  • 07 Tabalissimo 03:20
  • 08 Mama Ida 03:46
  • 09 Mireille Mwana 03:02
  • 10 Mokolo Nakokufa 04:55
  • 11 Savon Omo 04:41
  • 12 Lily Mwana Ya Quartier 04:06
  • 13 Kasala 03:48
  • 14 Monano 04:38
  • 15 Ana Mokoy 02:59
  • 16 Mokitani Ya Wendo 05:55
  • 17 Christine 06:08
  • 18 Songo + Songo = Songi-Songi 05:05
  • 01 Aon Aon 04:37
  • 02 Kimakango Mpe Libala 07:51
  • 03 Mongali 05:06
  • 04 Omanga 05:01
  • 05 Nzale 05:20
  • 06 Kaful Mayay 07:47
  • 07 Karibou Ya Bintou 05:48
  • 08 Mbanda Nayei 05:21
  • 09 Adeito (Part 1 & 2) 10:06
  • 10 Yombe 07:54
  • 11 Likambo Ya Mokanda 09:39

Info from the label:

If 'Franco & TPOK Jazz' were the Rolling Stones... then 'Tabu Ley Rochereau' is the Beatles or, at the very least, is Paul McCartney. Songwriter, singer, talent scout, music-publisher, record-company executive and even, most recently, a politician - it's clear he's one of the Greats.

Originally dubbed 'Rochereau' because he was the only one in his class who could identify a certain French hero as Colonel Pierre Denfert-Rochereau, the 'Tabu Ley' was gradually added as Congo's own 'Authenticite' programme got underway.

And it's at this period that our 2CD compilation catches him - the golden years from the very early 60s through to the late 70s when he wrote some of his finest songs and gave some of his greatest performances. A time when he was as happy to write jingles for OMO soap powder (Savon Omo - CD1), as he was unafraid to experiment with extended workouts and let his band have its way (e.g. Adeito - CD2 - parts 1 & 2 reunited here for the first time since they were recorded).

These 2CDs are a confection of African pop at its very best; melodic, vibrant, beautifully crafted and while well aware of what was going on in the rest of the world - not least the rest of Africa - securely anchored in that mainstream of African music, Congolese rumba. And, above it all, floats the voice of Tabu Ley Rochereau, the voice of lightness...

# key recordings from one of Africa's greatest songwriter, singer and band-leaders
# Congolese popular music at its very best - catchy, melodic and self-assured
# includes hits plus rare recordings never before released on CD
# full-colour, 44-page booklet with fascinating and detailed notes plus rare photos

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