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cd cover Sabreen
Death of the Prophet / Mawt al-Nabi

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Lyrics: Subhi Zubeidi, Hussein Barghouthi
Composition: Said Murad
Lead vocals, Qanoon: Kamilya Jubran
Buzuq, vocals: Odeh Turjman
Contrabass, Guitar: Issa Freij
Oud, percussion: Said Murad

A Patriotic Song 6:04
Khayyal al-mzaghirtat 3:56
A Song for Childhood 6:10
Hurly Burly 4:41
Dance Of The Resistance - Instrumental 1:52
Love 3:19
Death of the Prophet - Instrumental 1:48
Ya halali 6:30
Improvisation on Moondance - Instrumental. 4:42
Eash ya Kdeesh 4:57
Produced by Sabreen, 1987

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