Nordic Raga, by Jyotsna Srikanth, Dan Svensson, Pär Moberg, Mats Edén - CD
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cd cover Jyotsna Srikanth, Dan Svensson, Pär Moberg, Mats Edén
Nordic Raga (Riverboat)
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Here is a wonderful new work by Jyotsna Srikanth, Dan Svensson, Pär Moberg and one of my favorite artists, fiddler Mats Edén. This quartet is merging Nordic folk music traditions with the improvisational and structural idiosyncrasies of the Indian raga form. What results is not an easternized Nordic music, nor a northerized Indian music, but something completely their own.

These CDs were donated by the artist and Riverboat Records, so all proceeds go to support RootsWorld magazine and radio. I thank them for their generous support.




"Balkan Waltz"

"Polska fran Eda"

"Folk Dreams"

More About Nordic Raga:

Nordic Raga is a group which experiments with bringing more improvisation in Nordic folk music, which traditionally doesn´t use improvisation much. To find inspiration for this they use models for how improvisation is used in classical Indian music, but use Nordic scales and rhythms.

In a typical Nordic Raga concert the emphasis is on improvised music, where the improvisation is based on scales and rhythms from Nordic folk music, but uses the tools of south Indian Carnatic music. But the band also performs both more traditional Nordic and Carnatic music. In the World Music business, the word ‘collaboration’ often has a negative ring to it. Perhaps because the projects are often put together in great haste, and the participants seldom have the chance to acquire in depth understanding of each others’ musical traditions. Not so in Nordic Raga, where the participants all have both a very thorough understanding of their own tradition AND a deep understanding and curiosity for the tradition of the counterpart.

The band is not afraid of trying new paths, and has for instance done cooperative work with Vindla, one of Sweden’s leading string quartets.

This is the band’s first CD, released by Riverboat Records.

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