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cd cover Tri Muzike

From the record label:
TRI MUZIKE is a band formed by musicians who share the same passion and love for the music from the Balkans and Middle-East lands.

A very troubled area indeed. Separated among regions and nations, among ethnic and religious tribes the peoples of this area share a common musical poetry that overcomes borders and nationalism.

Tunes and songs for dance, Arab and Persian influences, gypsy themes, Greek repertoire, Jewish colors, Universal texts make of this recording the soundtrack of a vision of life beyond the borders of single countries.

The repertoire includes instrumentals and songs, mostly used to accompany dances. Dances of different origins: Greek (Katsicella), Jewish (Nigun), Klezmer (Lebedik un Freilekh), Turkish (Uskudar), Serbian (Kolo Nova - Uzicko Kolo), love songs (Stani, Stani, Ketri, Ketri) or funny (Ovodovjala) ones form the program of the CD, with a very wide range of instruments and rhythms.

Moni Ovadia, the most significant writer and actor of Jewish Theater, in the linear notes of the CD writes: ĢI TRI MUZIKE are simply magnificent -- the rhythms, colours, and musical forms that flow forth from their performances are luxuriant, the energy we need, joy for the ears and viscera. Their journey through the Slavic world of the south, the Greek world, Jewish musical wanderings, is a window of musical light on our future which needs to be a convergence of cultures, reciprocal listening, and sharing of legacies. This future need not be born by a specific national identity because its personal traits are impressed in the souls of its wanderers. I wish them an adventurous and prosperous journey!."


Some musicians from the MONI OVADIA' s THEATERORCHESTRA form the TRI MUZIKE group in Milan, during the spring of 1997. The group brings together different musicians as far as origins and culture are concerned. They have all been playing for years, at high levels, ethnic, ancient, classic, klezmer, jazz and traditional music. They have also played for musical theater.

The Ensemble carries out an intense research into the repertoire of the Mediterranean basin and in particular of the Balkans. Such musical heritage comes from Christian, Islamic and Jewish cultural matrices living together for centuries, therefore the group's name: "Three Music" in Slavonic language. The group proposes a musical travel, following sound and cultural authenticity among oral and written Slavonic, Greek, Jewish, Arabic, Turkish and Rom traditions. "Contamination" music, often of extraordinary expressive power, always hanging over Europe, Africa and Asia

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