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cd cover Milquinhento '1500' & Conjunto Popombo De Nampula & Conjunto Nimala
ĦSaba Saba!

" On Globestyle's 1989 trip to Mozambique, they captured the work of two bands, MIL-QUINHENTO '1500' & CONJUNTO POPOMBO DE NAMPULA and CONJUNTO NIMALA DE LALAUAH and put them on ĦSaba Saba! (GlobeStyle). They were recorded live in a local cinema and while different in instrumentation, they share a stripped down scratch band sound. Mil-Quinhento '1500' furiously strums a zither called a pankwe, a flat board with a tin can and a gourd for resonators. The band adds shakers, a bell-toned brake shoe, voices and nlapa, a tea chest with a gut string much like a wash tub bass. What makes Conjunto Popombo distinctive is the vocal work. A rapid fire call and response between the singers overlaps the syllables until they seem to be a single, unsingable torrent notes. It is style that the band's leader claims as his own innovation, and it drives this music to a percussive frenzy. Conjunto Nimala replaces the zither with the accordion of Nimala Carlos. His family supplies voices, shakers, another brake shoe bell and nlapa (actually, a bass drum with the same name as the tea chest bass). Again, the music is a percussive sound, played over a single chord and even the accordion provides a mostly rhythmic backing to the boisterous singing and whistling of the band. There is a flavor of Europe and the Caribbean, and even a hint of Indonesia in these songs about life in town, friends, parties and girls, girls, girls. This music is as healthy as it gets. ĦLow fat, no additives, lean and tasty!" - CF

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