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Arto Järvelä
Far In! (O-Art, Finland)

Arto Järvelä, the one-man-band, takes a contemporary look at tunes old and new, and executes them multi-track style with guitar, mandolin, mandola, kantele, percussion, kalimba and of course, fiddle. The adventure continues in 2005.

Joliette River
Portti 04
Taxila Rocks

More music by Arto Järvelä

1. Joliette River
2. Taxila Rocks
3. Satalauta
4. Salix
5. Portti 04
6. Stor Starc
7. Taraf
8. Ellun Sotiisi
9. Wawulinin Sävel
10. Koukkurinki

The artist says:
Welcome to Arto's musical adventures Vol. III!

New and wonderful folk music? Hardly new, for this beloved type of music has been improvised and played since the beginning of time, maybe even earlier. In this recording, old time modes and types of tunes are joined together with a new and modern approach. Yet even with the contemporary slant, the old style melodies shine through.

One can only marvel at the wide variety of instruments and sounds found herein. Their melodies explore a worldly music-atlas in the form of inspired arrangements, with each melody weaving its own way through rarely travelled and virgin paths.

Everything between beautiful spirit and furious pulsation, loudspeakers and auditory ossicles, a musical tour of the bioatmospheres churning inside Arto…
There is Out - there is Arto Järvelä Far In!

Tervetuloa Arton musiikillisiin seikkailuihin Vol. III!

Uutta ja ihmeellistä kansanmusiikki-improvisaatiotako? Tuskinpa ainakaan uutta, sillä iät ja ajat tätä rakasta musiikinlajiamme on improvisoitu. Tässä yhdistyvät hienolla tavalla vanhakantainen modaalisuus/sävelmätyypit ja uudet modernilla otteella tehdyt mutta kuitenkin vanhaan pohjaavat melodiat. Ja ihaillen täytyy silmäillä tuota Arton hallitsemaa soitinten kirjoa. Kappaleet piirtyvät maailmanmusiikkikartalle hienostuneina sovituksina, jotka palvelevat kutakin melodiaa kuitenkin hienosti omia teitään rönsyilevinä kitkemättöminä polkuina! Kaikkea kauniin tunnelmoinnin ja raivoisan sykkeen, kovaäänisen ja kuuloluun välillä, musiikillinen matkakuvaus Arton sisällä vellovista musiikin bioatmosfääreistä… Siinä on Out - siinä on Arto Järvelä Far In!

Track notes:
Arto Järvelä Far Index!

1. Joliette River (Arto Järvelä) 5'23
This is a fast waltz I wrote for the Quebecoise group LaBottine Souriante in 1996. It was released on their x-ieme CD 1998 entitled Alice Au Pays d'Arto. Here's my version con improvisazione.
solo fiddle, 2 x el. guitar, 2 x octave mandolin, bass, backing vocals, footstep

2. Taxila Rocks (Arto Järvelä) 5'29
Polska with a Pakistanese flavor. Inspirated by The Pinni Boys tour in Pakistan in 1997. Especially I remember the alphorns of the lorries & buses, that was just an amazing non stop concert everywhere.
In Taxila they sculpture fine handcrafts out of stone. After our concert in Taxila village I got a nice little Buddha miniature.
solo fiddle, sequencer drums, härö, 3 x el. guitar, bass, octave mandolin

3. Satalauta/The Hundredboard (Arto Järvelä) 4'58
This is a rhythmically strange piece inspired by the Finnish national epic Kalevala.
solo fiddle, sequencer, 10-str. kantele, bass, octave mandolin, cajon, jawharp, backing vocals

4. Salix (Arto Järvelä) 7'44
Last fall I made an overtone flute for my daughter Verna. This tune appeared when I was tuning the flute.
solo fiddle, heartbeat, footstep, el. guitars effects, cittern, octave mandolin, 10-str. kantele, overtone flute

5. Portti 04/Gate 04 (Arto Järvelä) 3'29
Solo fiddle improvisation in 6/8. Coda and introduction.

6. Stor Starc (Arto Järvelä) 6'10
A nice and peaceful little polska tune. I borrowed the theme from A.J. Starc's music book written 1809 in Turku, Finland.
solo fiddle, synvox, synmarimba, octave mandolin, 10-str. kantele, el. guitar, pizzicato fiddles (3) viola

7. Taraf (Arto Järvelä) 3'00
This one is for my fiddlin' heroes from the Haidouks village in Romania!
solo fiddle - sequencer drums & perc, snare, el. guitar, bass, mandolin, nyckelharpa

8. Ellun sotiisi/Ellu's Schottisch (Arto Järvelä) 4'28
Here's one all time favourite of mine. This version popped out when I was playing with my sequencer's built in patterns…
solo fiddle, sequencer drums & bass, cajon, el. guitar, 10-str. kantele, pizz & arco nyckelharpa

9. Wawulinin Sävel/Wawulin's tune (Arto Järvelä) 4'26
This is a lively triplet polska from my Lauttasaari years. I used to have a small rehearsing studio in the south end of the island and I rode my bike often by Wawulin's road. The name is an echo from the great Ingrian shepherd and flute player Teppo Repo who had a tune called Pavolin's tune.
solo fiddle, cajon, 5-str. kantele, octave mandolin, bass, el. guitar, seqkalimba

10. Koukkurinki/The Hookring (Arto Järvelä) 4'55
"The weddings in Isokyrö usually began on Thursdays and lasted three days. If the third day happened to fall on a holy day, the dance was started at noon when there was a hook- or longring in the program. Led by a fiddler, a long chain of wedding guests went around the village, sometimes even going into the villagers houses before finally returning to the wedding house". (Waasan lehti, no 7/1881).
effected fiddle, fiddle (melody), Tanzanian marimba, 10-str. kantele, bass, shakes & nails, octave mandolin

Notes and audio ©2004 Arto Järvelä Music

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Arto Jarvela

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