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It's About Time

Mikata, based in New Haven, CT, has been performing traditional African and neo-African music nationally and internationally since 1980. The group performs traditional music from West and Central Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil and also performs original music with an African/Latin groove and a strong message of social protest. This is a collection of their music culled from more than 2 decades of recordings.

This CD contains a cross-section of Mikata's repertoire including West African drumming and song, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian drumming and song, Latin Jazz and original Afro-Beat compositions. (Click on the highlights to hear some of the music.)

The African drumming pieces include traditional music of three different ethnic groups in Ghana (Ewe, Ga and Ga-Adangme) and are notable for including singing with the drumming allowing the listener to experience the interaction of vocal and instrumental rhythmic phrasing.

Two of the Afro-Beat selections (World Upside Down and Hunting) were recorded without drum kit and blend African and Latin instruments and rhythms in an African/pop fusion. (The Ghanaian ko-gyl balofone can be heard as part of the rhythm section on Hunting.)

Three Donnos is an Afro-Beat original that fuses Salsa/Merengue/Soca feels to create a relentlessly driving dance groove.

The Latin Jazz selections (Liberated Brother and Palo) use typical Latin instrumentation with no drum kit.

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