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Celebrating 10 years of folk music on Catalonia Regional Television (Spain), with songs from Miquel Gil, Maria del Mar Bonet, Jaume Arnella, Uc, Al Tall, Al Mayurqa, Traginada, Primera Nota, Casellas Sextet Folk, Grup De Folk, David Cervera, El Pont D’arcalís, Pau I Jordi, Pascal Comelade & Gerard Jacquet, Càlic, Quico Elcelio, El Noi I El Mut De Ferreries, Urbàlia Rurana & Maurizio Martinotti, Música Nostra, Les Violines

Press relese:
Rodasons is the name of a program of the Catalonia Regional Television. Forty-five minutes a week focusing on Folk and World music with special prominence for proposals of artists and bands from these territories in which Catalan language is spoken.

This program has been broadcasted now for ten years which is probably a nearly unbreakable record if we talk about folk music on TV.

In that decade, the role played by Rodasons in the popularization and preservation of traditional music has been absolutely irreplaceable. So, doesn't it deserves a special Anniversary edition? Sure it does, and here it is. Nineteen songs compiled in an album which is one of your best options if you're considering to go into this Mediterranean flavoured music which is Catalan, Balearic, Valencian and even Languedoc folk.

Songwritter tradition, jotas, fandangos, pasodobles, music from the Pyrinees, the newest trends (you'll find even a lullaby transformed by sample technology), Arabic-influenced Mallorca ancient tunes… a rich and broad selection including pioneers of traditional music (Uc, Grup de Folk), young new talents (Les Violines, Casellas Sextet), bands respectful of roots orthodoxy (Música Nostra, Al Mayurca, Traginada), archeologist of ancient traditions (Pont d'Arcalís) and famous and prestigious Mediterranean music artists as Miquel Gil, Pascal Comelade and Maria del Mar Bonet, to name a few. An enjoyable overview of past, present and future of traditional music in the Catalan territories and a whole world of sensations and tastes that will delight folk music lovers all around the world.

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