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cd cover Jaune Toujours
Barricade (Discmedi)

Andrew Cronshaw writes in fRoots: ' Led by singer Piet Maris, with his energetically-pumped small accordeon plus a hot rhythm unit of double bass and drums and a wild and incisive trumpets and reeds section, they have a very fully-formed, complete sound and rhythmic approach whose components and inspiration are difficult to pin down. Not like a fusionist thing where now you hear this influence, now another; this is so natural that it feels like it's always been there...'

Piet Maris: lead vocal and accordion
Théophane Raballand: drums and percussion
Mathieu Verkaeren: upright bass
Mattias Laga: sax soprano, clarinet and bass clarinet
Bart Maris: trumpet, bugle and tuba
Yves Fernandez-Solino: trumpet and bugel
Sam Versweyveld: trumpet, bugel, cornette and little trombone


pas la
piu lontano
réfugiés sans frontières

Show stealers... Jaune Toujours from Belgium... One of the joys of a festival, and some would say their raison d'etre, is being surprised - and inspired - by a new act. And there was no greater surprise than Jaune Toujours - Belgium's finest export since beer. Fronted by the charismatic Piet Maris on accordion and vocals, the five-piece really were a hot mix of ska, gypsy, jazz and rock that had audiences on their feet demanding more and more. Just like the festival, really. - Peter Cann in The Oxford Times

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About the ensemble
Like Brussels, Jaune Toujours is an explosive mix of cultures, languages and styles of music: rock, chanson, ska, gypsy, balkan or brassband, anything goes. The band has an excellent live reputation in Belgium and abroad. Jaune Toujours play with their guts and aim at the audience's feet. Moreover, their intelligent and poetic lyrics translate a sincere social commitment.

The new album Barricade reflects the band's new sound: catchy songs carried by the grooves of the accordion, drums and upright bass, strengthened by the crème de la crème of the Belgian horn blowers. This results in a lot of musical variation: from the accordion sounds of the Marolles (the musette quarter of Brussels) over brassband to influences from deep-ska and dub....

Piet Maris: lead vocal and accordion - founded Jaune Toujours and named the band after an accute attack of hepatites. He writes all lyrics and a big part of the music. In a distant past, Piet organised the project "Rakusatar!", a blend of Slovakian gipsy singers with Belgian musicians. He now continues to perform this repertoire with the band Mec Yek. Piet recently teamed up with Laïla Amezian to form the band Arabanda. In this project he aims to explore the arabo-andalusian repertoire in a fresh and new aproach. Piet also leads the band of accordians in La Nouvelle Harmonie Bruxelloise d'Accordéons.

Théophane Raballand: drums and percussion - plays percussion at the Brussels contemporary dance school PARTS. Théo also proves to be a talented photographer, and in that capacity he created the cover and the photographs for Barricade, as he did for the former albums Brusk and Camping del Mundo.

Mathieu Verkaeren: upright bass ­ plays a lot in the Brussels jazz scene, but also in neighbouring genres, as in the Django Reinhardt inspired Christophe Astolfi quartet. Mathieu is also bass player in Mec Yek and Arabanda.

Mattias Laga: sax soprano, clarinet and bass clarinet - is an active member of the music scene in Ghent. He plays in jazz, folk and world music projects like Oblomow and Banda Azufaifo. Mattias is also a member of Mec Yek and Arabanda.

Bart Maris: trumpet, bugle and tuba - is Belgium's most famous jazz trumpet player. Next to Jaune Toujours, he plays in Flat Earth Society, Briskey, Moker and occasionally with dEUS and Zita Swoon. He won the Zamu-award for "best musician" in 2000 and was nominated for the third time this year. Bart is also a member of Arabanda.

Yves Fernandez-Solino: trumpet and bugel ­ blows his horn like there'll be no tomorrow. He also plays with Ultrasonic, Hooverphonic, El Tattoo del Tigre and others.

Sam Versweyveld: trumpet, bugel, cornette and little trombone - is well-known in Belgian jazz and dance. He's part of the live band of Buscemi and participates in several jazz projects, like the Chris Joris project and the Chris Mentens quintet. And in the early days of Jaune Toujours, Sam used to play the electric bass in the band.

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