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Mana 689
New Music Indonesia Vol. II (Central Java)

Sukerta, Otok Bima Sidarta, I Wayan Sadra and B.Subono from the Central Javanese cities of Surakarta and Yogyakarta, use the Javanese gamelan and other traditional Indonesian instruments to explore new musical ideas and textures.

Listen to a short excerpt of "Griting Rasa" by B. Subono

This is the second in the New Music Indonesia series that started with last year's Asmat Dream. This edition concentrates on the work of six new Javanese works by four composers. Modern gamelan and innovations on traditional vocal styles dominate this set. Blacius Subono, a heralded shadow puppet composer, offers "Griting Rasa," a lively two part opus that uses the higher pitched gamelan instruments and a narrative about change and authority. "Mubeng Beteng" by Otok Bima Sidarta is closest to classical music, full energetic gamelan and rich vocal work, but using new techniques and odd interplays of the instruments to create its contemporary feel. "Terus Dan Terus" by I Wayan Sadra is an elongated drums solo, both mesmerizing and heady. It is punctuated by various acoustic drone instruments that give it a psychedelic feel. The most jarring effect comes from the title piece, a nightmarish wash of harsh metallic percussion and shrieking vocals. Its improvised attacks and sudden changes of mood make for stunning listening and a stunned listener. Producers Diamond and Polansky have again achieved important results from their research and support of new Indonesian music, bringing to the world music scene a much needed reminder that tradition does not stay and wait for the archaeologists. All good music grows, remembering but never, ever holding still. - RootsWorld

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