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The Music of Lena Willemark

Lena Willemark : Blaferdi (Blue Journey)
Features songs and lyrics, composed by Lena, sung in the Elfdalian language of her home region of Avdalen, Sweden. Program notes and lyrics are translated to Swedish and English in the booklet. It's performed with voice, strings and percussion supplied by Lena, Mia Marin, Emma Reid, Mikael Marin, Leo Sander and Tina Quartey. (Quite a cast!) It is, I think, one of her best (and that goes a long way, I think), so this comes with my biggest "highly recommended" gold star on it.

Lena Willemark and Cecilia Zilliacus : Dansa
Two of Sweden's most highly respected musicians join forces for a beautiful set of songs. Classical violinist Cecilia Zilliacus, and folk and jazz musician Lena Willemark, create an album for voice and violin drawing on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Crüger, Svante Henryson, Jakob Regnart and Sven-David Sandström.

Braten-Berg, Mazur and Willemark : Stemmenes skygge
Norwegian Kirsten Bråten Berg (vocals, jew's harp), Sweden's Lena Willemark (vocals, violin, viola), and Danish percussionist Marilyn Mazur join together for is going to be one of the great Nordic recordings of 2005. 'Voices' Shadow' is a pure trio recording, unadorned and yet ornate in structure, deeply rooted in tradition and yet almost avant garde in performance, and a total joy to listen to.

Lena Willemark, Mats Öberg and Jonas Knutsson : Alla Drömmars Sång
Three of Sweden's most respsected performers in any genre, vocalist and violist Lena Willemark, pianist Mats Öberg and reeed player Jonas Knutsson together create a whole new folk-art form for Sweden. They have all worked together in folk, jazz and art music ensembles for decades, and here they mix traditional material from Lena's home of Älvdalen with own original pieces and a surprising cover of The Beatles with a strong sense of unity, in a recording created in one day, as they simply let go and just played music. Highly recommended.

Einarsdotter and Willemark : Senses
Jazz pianist Elise Einarsdotter and singer Lena Willemark explore the Swedish folk and pop traditions via jazz

Moller, Willemark and Gudmundson : Frifot
The first recording by this trio, from 1990, is still considered one fo the classic of the new-folk movement.

Frifot : Jarven
Ale Möller, Lena Willemark and Per Gudmundsen created the ensemble Frifot to explore the roots of Swedish folk music in daring new ways

Enteli : Enteli
Folk-jazz from Sweden faturing Bengt Berger, tabla and percussion, Jonas Knutsson, saxophones and additional percussion, Ale M and ouml;ller, multi instrumentalist, Johan Sandouml;derberg and singer Lena Willemark. The band describes it thus: 'Freedom is light and airy - freedom to soar upwards and float down. And all that music needs is to be played - nurtured and cherished. We begin and end with a scream. We breathe in, and before we have time to breathe out rhythm's steel spring is coiled tighter and tighter inside until it almost snaps, in a dance that is sometimes Swedish, sometimes a Sufistic, mystical dance of the dervish. Time and space intertwine in tightly plaited unity and with a slight flutter the rustlings and the sleepy whispers rise into the air and evaporate, like the sweet-smelling smoke from Grandpa's tobacco in the autumn.'

Elise Einardotter and Lennart Hellsing : Rosenang
One of Cliff's quirky choices... This is vocal pop music from Sweden, performed by pianist/composer Einarsdotter and singer Hellsing, and a small jazz ensemble and some of Sweden's most interesting singers including Lena Willemark, Olle Persson and the Voice Boys. File under 'other?'


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