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Zig Zag Trio
When the bees are gathering honey (Kuker Music)

Listen to "Leka-poleka/Slow Down"

The Gypsy "wedding music" of Bulgaria has been made famous by the likes of Yunakov and Papasov, but this ensemble is every bit their equal as they thunder through Gypsy music, crazy jazz and wild improvisations on accordion, tupan, percussion and guitar.

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"...Yuseinov's guitar work techniques are mind blowing... Ralchev's work on accordion is rippling and flashy without sacrificing musical depth....Yankoulov handles tupan and trap set with equal finesse. A highlight of the disc is "Leka-poleka/Slow Down." ...It is "crazy wedding" music, all right. If the wedding guests aren't in an altered state of consciousness before these guys start to play, just give them time. - Peggy Latkovich, RootsWorld

"The resulting weave of modal jazz, fleeting references to folk dance, sudden harmonic side-slips and sleights of hand is quite unlike anything else I've ever heard. None of the tracks follows the same pattern, but all are equally inventive... if you want to hear how far up the beach the Bulgarian New Wave has reached, then get this recording." - Kim Burton, Songlines

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