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Gyokereink (Our Roots)

József "Heki" Gartai - Kontra, Vocals
Attila Papp - Bass, Percussive Cello, Vocals
Kálmán "Öcsi" Magyar - Violin, Trumpet-Violin, Hurdy-Gurdy, Kontra, Dance, Vocals|
Ildikó Magyar - Violin, Vocals, Dance
Raul Rothblatt - Cello, Bass, Percussive Cello
Beatrix Magyar-Nagy - Dance, Vocals, Percussive-Cello, Kontra
Katalin Hajdu-Németh - Dance, Vocals, Percussive Cello
László Hajdu-Németh - Dance, Kontra, Vocals

Eletfa's first CD features these songs:
Lõrincrévi emlékek; Magyarnemegyei muzsika; Diófa (Walnut Tree); Széki ballada; Marosszéki dalok; Mérai cigánycsárdás (Gypsy Csárdás from Méra); Gyimesi kerekes és magyaros; Cserkész Csokor (Songs of the Hungarian Scouts); Erdõ; Calusari; Árpádhoni szüreti mulatság (Harvest Celebration in Árpádon); Mezõkölpényi dalok; Nem úgy van most mint volt régen; Mahala; Kalotaszegi búcsúzás (Farewell from Kalotaszeg).

About the ensemble:
The Eletfa Hungarian Folk Ensemble is a group of eight performers from the New Jersey/New York area. The Ensemble treats its audiences to a high-energy, entertaining tour of Hungary's folk music, song and dance culture, guided throughout by engaging narrative and demonstrations. The group's members specialize in and present the authentic, archaic folklore from the villages of present-day Hungary, Transylvania, Romania, Slovakia and beyond. The members of Eletfa are all driven by their love and respect for Hungarian folk music and dance, the importance in preserving Hungarian dance, music and culture in North America, and the dedication to performing and spreading the joy of music, song and dance.

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