The Desperate - Cihat Aşkın - Umutsuz
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Cihat Aşkın
Umutsuz - The Desperate (Kalan)

"If Suna Kan is the queen of Turkish violin virtuosos then Cihat Askin is the "king." Cihat Askin, 36, is a violinist with an unusually rich and varied background. His beautiful sound, agile technique and persuasive musicality, which communicates spontaneously with every audience, have won him the highest critical acclaim... The Desperate contains both "popular" and "classical" elements. The album starts with his teacher Yalcin Tura's composition titled "The Desperate," followed by Azeri and Armenian folk songs and pieces from Tchaikovsky and Rahmaninof." - The Turkish Daily News

Press from the label:

This work which aims to be a hope for the thousands of people who are lost in desperation with their unuttered grapes of feelings which have not been put in to words and has taken it's name from Yalçın Tura's film song with the same name.

Yalçın Tura is the composer of the film 'The Desperate' whose leading part was acted by Yılmaz Güney. On the other hand, he is a composer who worked with Cihat Aşkın in a composer-soloist relation for many years. Tura, who dedicated his violin concerto to Cihat Aşkın, was also one of Cihat Aşkın's masters during his years in the conservatory and Aşkın has carried his works to international platforms.

Haçadur Avedisyan is a rather productive Armenian composer and manages to reflect the rich mosaic is southern Caucasia in the best way. In order to sound the fruits of their long friendships with harpist Çağatay Akyol, a work has been arranged by Cihat Aşkın for their associate concerts and Tchaikovsky and Rahmaninov who come right afterwards, are the two desperate works of these Russian composers which are Romance and Vocalise and are the only western rooted works of the album.

An Armenian folk song is one of the 10 folk songs collected by Luciano Berio for his Armenian rooted wife Cathy Berberian and right after this song the work called 'Sing Tar' which is composed by Seyid Rustemov happens to meet us one of the richest products of our geography.

The work 'Sing Tar' has a different meaning for Cihat Aşkın because he happened to learn the dramatic death of his dear friend Ömer Umar right before the recording of this piece.

The second film melody 'The Father' is again taken from a film whose leading part was acted by Yılmaz Güney. The melody is gathered from the sound recordings which were made under the direction of Mean Bilkey and has become a more schocking one with Aşkın's interpretation and is put in the album.

One of the two happy works of the album is Fersan's Acemkürdi Song which is a well-known classic by Turkish music lovers. Refik Fersan, who is one of the most romantic composers of Turkish music and who lived in the 20th century, has made his compositions with a great inspiration and fluency as if he were a Chopin of Turkish music.

Sultaniyegah Agir Semai which is one of the most classic works of Hammamizade Ismail Dede Efendi, has turned out to be a mystic requiem (religious ceremony) with Aşkın's interpretation and has the special feature of being the only traditional Turkish music of the album.

In the middle part, Aşkın has accomplished a mature interpretation in classical Turkish music the melodies in Uşşak maqam, as an artist who used this style the very first time.

Nazbarı is a folk melody which is gathered from Azerbaijan. An Armenian Lamenting inspired from the social events in Adana region follows this work, and sounds rather sad with the pitches heard from the violin and the harp. 'Elmas' Caucasion Folk Dance Tune has been performed in different places and concerts before by Aşkın and Engin Arslan.

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