The Clayfoot Strutters
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The Clayfoot Strutters
Going Elsewhere

They call it 'groove-based contradance fusion' but don't mistake this for a muddy hybrid. This is uniquely American music, no matter where the source material may come from. And those sources are wide and deep: Brazilian forro, West Virginia dances, Afro-Vermont pop, Quebecois tunes, a little sak and a whole lot more. And the musicians involved mean there is no doubt that they can pull off the toughest tricks with panache and not just a little bit of humor. Fiddler, songwriter, and producer Pete Sutherland, Jeremiah McLane on accordion and keyboards, drummer, vocalist and guitarist Lee Blackwell, and banjo and flute player Mark Roberts and Peter Davis, who plays clarinet, sax, piano, and guitar are joined by special guests Dave Grant (bass, banjo, ukelele) and Walter Blackwell (congas) .

Honey Bee
L'homme et deux femmes
Big Scioty
Sri Bubba

"The Clayfoot Strutters do indeed know how to strut their stuff, and in a way that is guaranteed to make you sit up and take notice... Unlike a lot of dance music, which tends to sacrifice complexity and musical interest for catchy tunes and repetitious, hurried rhythms, the work of the Clayfoot Strutters is precise, intricate and playful. In addition, due to the musicians' extraordinary skill, every note and every line of phrasing is delectably clear... Going Elsewhere is a real a step outside the ordinary, but that's what makes it both entertaining and valuable. We all need to be reminded that the final word (or rather note) has not been written on what is possible in the hands of talented musicians." - Rambles

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