Boombal Volume One - CD
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Boombal Volume 1 (Homerecords)

Live recordings from Boombal, a live music and dance event spreading around Belgium, featuring some of the best dance bands in the country including Kadril, Goze, Follia, and many others.

The organizers explain:
The best definition of a Boombal is a party with live folk music. The partygoers indulge in pair, ring, line, and string dances such as the waltz, polka, andro, etc.

Each Boombal is preceded by a dance initiation. In just over an hour, you master a jolly ring dance or an ecstatic string dance.

Then we throw ourselves into the real Boombal. Professional folk musicians provide powerful live folk music and know how to infuse the public with this typical Boombal drive!

Boombal is well known for the pleasant atmosphere which prevails both on the dance floor and at the bar. Everyone dances with everyone else, everyone talks to everyone else. In other words: a real social event! The dances are very simple and, above all, quite funny. Thanks to the preceding dance initiation a Boombal has a very low threshold: don't hesitate to bring along all your friends!


  • 01 JIG - GÖZE - Skaloval / Neverending
  • 02 SCHOTTISCH - KV EXPRESS: Loliatje
  • 03 BOURRÉE - AEDO - Bouquet Bloumé
  • 05 TOVERCIRKEL - CPDC - Doedelyoudo
  • 06 POLKA - EMBRUN - Embrun-polka's
  • 07 HANTER DRO - FLUXUS - Hanterdrone
  • 09 JIG - MAGISTER - Roses Jig
  • 10 BOURRÉE - KADRIL - La belle Inconnue
  • 12 POLKA - MADINGMA - Polka van Perk - Polka van Minte
  • 13 WALS - ANVELD - pour Marie-Claude
  • 14 RONDO - FOLKKWADRAAT - Valhermeil
  • 15 AN DRO - FOLLIA - Andro Decancq
  • 16 WALS - BALLA VOGALA - La valse à Ollu - My favourite things
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