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cd cover Soetkin Collier
Nocturne (Homerecords)

Soetkin Colliers first CD is a collection of songs about love, hope, despair and faith in a dark and romantic setting. She is accompanied by Tom Theuns on guitar and Didier François on nyckelharpa (Swedish key-fiddle). She contributes her own compositions along with personal arrangements of traditional songs from Flanders and Sweden. A recording of stark beauty and powerful moods. Any fan of Lena Willemark or Hedningarna will find this powerful and deep sound compelling. Sarah also performs with Urban Trad and Floes and was a member of Lais.


Tracks and samples:
01 Speelman
02 Het daghet in den oosten
03 Nocturne
04 Trallvisa/inte ut
05 Jag blaste i min pipa
06 Vertrouw op mij
07 In Jesus' naam
08 Beatrice
09 Voor altijd
10 De veerman
11 Heen en weer/Hiin
12 Goeienavond speelman

Soetkin Colliers first CD "Nocturne" is a collection of songs about love, hope, despair and faith in an romantic-dreamy atmosphere. She is accompagnied by Tom Theuns on guitar and Didier François on nyckelharpa (Swedish violin). Own compositions vary with arrangments of traditional songs from Flanders and Sweden.

The fascinating harmonies between guitar, vocals and nyckelharpa lead you on a journey to the north with songs about musicians, nightserenades and lovestories. On your way back home the ferryman sings about his destination and his love for the water, a mother cradles her child, a woman weeps for the loss of her lover, a snake hypnotises his prey, two men are fighting for the same girl and everything goes around, without ending and we keep on turning around and around...

Soetkin Collier started as a singer with Laïs and later on with Ambrozijn. In Sweden she followed vocal courses with Lena Willemark and Malin Foxdal and in Belgium with Yvonne Walter-De Kock, Hille Bemelmans and David Davidse. On the moment she takes part in a serial of workshops lead by Walpurgis, a music theater in Antwerp. She is well known as singer of Urban Trad.

Guitarist Tom Theuns went to Brittany to learn DADGAD tuning and to India to learn sitar. He's the guitarplayer-singer and composer of Ambrozijn and plays together with Aurelie Dorzee and Stephan Pougin in "Aurelia". He also plays guitar in several theatreprojects.

Didier François studied classical violin in Brussels and composition in Amsterdam and specialised himself in Swedish nyckelharpa. In 2007 he will be touring with the "Grappelli-tour" to commemorate the death of Stéphane Grappelli. He's also a composer of film music, theatre, musical and ballet.

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