Nuova Compangnia di Canto Populare/ la voce del grano
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cd cover Nuova Compagnia di Canto Populore
la voce del grano (Forrest Hill)

La voce del grano
la strade del mare...

The musicians are Carmine Bruno, Gianni Lamagna, Corrado Sfogli, Michele Signore, Fausta Vetere, Pasquale Ziccardi
with participation by Mimmo Ciaramella, Marcello Colasurdo, Giacomo Pedicino, Daniele Sepe, Marco Sfogli, Cristina Vetrone, Roberto Zincone

Instrumentation includes vocals, guitar, violin, lira pontiaca, cajon, bongos, sonagli, piatti, uans, bass, soprano sax and lots of vocals.

The ensemble writes about their work:
"The voice of the grain is the voice of all the spirits and the forces that once populated nature. The popular culture knew how to distinguish the good spirits from the bad ones, knew how to recognize and to deal nature like as one vital individual. Subsequently man, educated with reason and science, has separated the nature of the anima, throwing to the wind the fairies, the spirits, folletti and gnomi that the once populated their dreams. In the end the "voice of the grain" is a metaphor that it tells the irrenounceable need of man for poetry and fantasy, evoking images and myth, a new sense of natural things..."

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