Kovacs Ferenc – Magony - CD
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Ferenc Kovács
Magony (Gramy)

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Press from the record label:
A solo album by the soloist of Djabe, Kalman Balogh's Gypsy Cimbalom Band and Dresh Quartet. There is a picture in front of me, when Öcsi sits facing me and says: "I see everything now as if I were in the ground up to the eye level on the great plain, watching the world from there for an infinitely long time."

This happened quite a few years ago, already in the "Self-sacrificing Makúz-times", and now here is this album. Cloudy and precise, relaxed and visible. Visible music is rare. This is why I am happy about it.

Clear intonation, elaborated rendition, almost precise rhythm and self-confidence based on good external and internal hearing. Szabados György

I have not heard such unswerving devotion in today's music to Bartók Béla's approach to folk music for a long time. We are talking here about violin music inspired by Hungarian folk music, which is flanked here and there by the accompaniment of percussion instruments and, more than once, by the percussive application of the violin (the clip clop of deers' hooves). The folk song, however, has become only an indirect source by now. The way Kovács handles his instrument has evolved accordingly: his rustic and folksy vitality and harshness, his manner of bowing are often tinged with moving, pedantically intonated serenades; his rhythms are also precisely measured.

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