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Adesa (Heaven and Earth)


The record label says:
On "Akoma" we listen to the consistent results of the group's spiritual journey through music and art: In songs on daily life Adesa uses the languages of other Ghanaian people like Fanti, Hausa, Twi in equal terms with Ga. They take up the wisdom of popular proverbs and make comments on social injustice. The famous ambiguous humour of the Ga people gives a very special lightness to their poetry on different facets of life.

In an independent manner Adesa uses codes of the most important Ga rhythms like Gome, Kpanlogo, Oshika and Tigari without making a folklore drum roll out of the songs. They follow the rough sounds melting between the buildings and streets of the big cities, from the sound of the Atlantic coast and the animals of the steppe and create moods full of atmosphere, played on the Ghanaian lute korlegorno, on horns, flutes, water kalebasses and the balafon.

The forms of compositions do not only lean on rural but on ritual and courtly music linked with sound experiences from their tours in Europe as well.

With "Akoma" the dimensions of Ghanaian music are redefined.

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