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Hans Fredrik Jacobsen
Vind (Wind) Heilo/Grappa, Norway

Flyr av sted

Norwegian flute sax and kantele player and his ensemble alternate between jaunty folk tunes and electro-expermiments, always centered on the 'wind' of the title in Norwegian folk tunes. There's Celtic and new age inspirations and some downright southern American feel on a few tracks. Backing instuments include guitar, percussion, bagpipes, nyckelharpa, harp and synths provided by Annbjorg Lien, Knut Reiersrud, Tone Hulbaekmo and Frode Fjellheim. It's not all brilliant, and some tracks fall into the same trap that has always bothered me with Annbjorg Lien's work, a tendency towards the prettified, something that bothers me a lot more than most folks reading this, I am sure. But most of the pieces on this CD grabbed my attention, so I still recommend it.

Fans of Lien's more popular work and the twirly world sound of AfroCelt Sound System will find this work particularly appealing. If you are looking for the flute in a more earthbound realm, try the music of Bask, Goran Mansson or the folk music collection of Swedish folk flute, Harjedalspipan.

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