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Danish folk rock, violin, accordion, clarinets.


"While this band is somewhat in the tradition of Sweden's Filarfolket and other folk-roots bands of Scandinavia, Phønix treads its own course. The band plays fiddles, bagpipes, accordions, clarinets and whistles, with a variety of percussion from around the world. They use folk tunes for the basis of their original work, adding jazz and other world-folk elements to the mix to give it an expansive feel. It can be driving, like the dark, rhythmic push of "Karavanen." They are at their best when the music is less dense, and the band has room for each instrument to work its way to the forefront. "Siker Sæk" is the prime example of this approach, with a lively combination of bagpipe and accordion, then percussion and fiddle and other combinations as the song slowly goes through the melody, first in a baroque round, and then in a jazz improv. There are lively tunes, Latin grooves over Danish polskas and serene baroque airs, each showing off the elemental quartet with little studio effect or overdubbing." - CF (RootsWorld)

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