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Pigen & drengen

The latest from this marvelous Danish folk-fusion ensemble is absolutely their best. This band has always been right on the verge if finding their voice, and with the production help of Morten Alfred Hoirup they finally have! A strong reed sound and a much greater emphasis on vocals make this as a super recording of Nordic roots.

Listen: "Yyge Hermansen" (full song in Real Audio)
"Lordag Aften" (MP3 sample)
"2002 2002 2002"(MP3 sample)

The musicians:
Jesper Falch (1973), percussion
Katja Mikkelsen (1975), recorder, flute, fiddle and bagpipe
Jesper Vinther Petersen (1973), accordion
Anja Præst Mikkelsen (1972), bassclarinet and clarinet
Karen Mose Nørgaard (1980), vocals

About the band members

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