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cd cover Poul Lendal
Ønskebarn (Go Danish Folk)

Poul Lendal has been at the center of the Danish folk music scene for 35 years and is often called "The Godfather of Danish Folk". And yet it is 2005 and he is only now presenting his first solo recording, with 23 of his musician and singer friends joining him on 22 tracks.


Poul Lendal grew up, studied and played with all the legendary traditional musicians and singers: Ewald Thomsen (V. Åby), Alfred Larsen (Gestelev), Fløjte-Niels (Kværndrup), Ejnar Murer (Tommerup), Otto Trads (Himmerland), Ludvig Larsen (Holstebro), Camillos Larsen (Tommerup), Thomas Thomsen (Holstebro), the three Tinus Brothers from Oksbøl, and many more. You might know Poul Lendal from his 30 year partnership with the trio Lang Linken (Poul Lendal, Keld Nørgaard and Carl Erik Lundgaard), the band Harpens Kraft and as a guest musician on countless releases with Lars Lilholt's band, Serras and Morten Alfred Høirup.

Poul has invited an impressive group of musicians and singers to tell his story: Anders Ringgaard, Allan Pedersen, Susanne Abilgaard, Torben Sminge, Vagn Dahl Hansen, Andreas Lang, Jakob Holdensen, John Kristensen, Søren Hansen, Morten Alfred Høirup, Hans Kann Rasmussen, Herluf Donslund, Sine Lendal, Anne Mose, Sofie Aagaard, Rasmus Brylle, Birgit Mose, Annette Lendal, Dorrit Aagaard, Karen Mose, Bitten Lendal, Carl Erik Lundgaard, Keld Nørgaard.

Poul "This is my solo record, and I have been greatly looking forward to getting it out on the streets. It is dedicated to my daughters Sara and Sine. I would especially like to thank Keld Norgaard and Carl Erik Lundgaard, and indeed the hole Lang Linken family. Without them - nothing! It is also a great pleasure for me to see that the next generation is doing well. Here's hoping that I can give you all a lot of good stories - again: Welcome!" - Poul Lendal

Listen to some tracks. I suggest listening to a few pieces... there is a WIDE diversity of sounds here!

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