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New-folk music ensemble from Denmark edges towards rock without ever crossing the line into pure pop. Heavy on the fiddles, with a generous supply of hurdy-gurdy, flutes, and viola, and backed up with a rock-solid rhythm section, this is primarily an instrumental recording, supported by the occasional fine vocal.

Vilde Hvide

Søren Korshøj- violin, vocals, guitar
Louise Vangsgaard -violin, vocals
Martin Seeberg -flutes, hurdy-gurdy, viola, Jew's harp, vocals
Malene D. Beck -electric bass, double bass, vocals
Vivi di Bap -drums, percussion, vocals

The record label says:
INSTINKT made their debut performance at the Frederiksund Folk Festival in August 2000. The festival organisers counted on the group before it was even formed, but the 5 musicians rose to the challenge. After an explosive debut concert, INSTINKT developed into a unique band with a versatile and highly individual sound.

All of INSTINKT's members have a common love for Nordic folk music, which forms the jumping off point for the band's original compositions. The development of the music is characterised by a combination of their openness and their love of playing - ideas are allowed to run free and musical instincts are encouraged to thrive.

On "HUR", INSTINKT cover all their musical corners: there are light buoyant tunes built onto deep heavy grooves, beautiful labyrinth soundscapes, expressive and wordless voices melded together with Danish lyrics, and thick modal harmonies anchored by mystical drones. A multi-coloured experience, sparkling with humour, intimacy, energy and an infectious love of playing. HUR!!!

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