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cd cover Morten Alfred Høirup

The Vinyard present six new melodies by Morten Alfred Høirup and three old ballads, played by folk-musicians from USA, Finland and Denmark. The very unusual and old Danish instruments used on many of the tracks give you a new version of this old European music as it might have sounded before it developed into what we today know as Danish traditional Folk music. Morten Alfred has created a name for himself throughout Scandinavia as a young rythm guitarist within a variety of genres: Danish, Celtic, American, French-Canadian and contemporary folk music.


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" The recording shuffles three old Danish ballads into a set of six freshly composed melodies by Høirup himself and the lack of seams between the new and old attests to Høirup's sensitivity for his Danish heritage and its broader Scandinavian context. Though not devoted exclusively to its title, this album's music does seem to reflect the gentile atmosphere of the vineyard's rewarding labors. The presence of drumming is hardly missed as there is plenty of rhythmic energy in the dance selections but overall Vingården will probably better satisfy in your chair by the fire I should think. Excellent sound too." - Steve Taylor, RootsWorld

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