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cd cover Fenja Menja
Katten i Sækken

Listen to "Troldstemning" (Real Audio)

MP3 samples:
"Nu er det tid"
"Pling Plong"
"Finsk Calypso"

The band:
Katja Mikkelsen: violin, flutes, bagpipes and vocals
Sune Grønkvist: Guitar, vocal
Morten Lolk Rasch: keyboards
Johan B. Ahrenfeldt: bass
Søren Andersen: percussion, vocals
"The affinity of the Celtic and Scandinavian musical traditions has frequently been demonstrated, not least by the transnational band Swåp. Danish quintet Fenja Menja also take up this theme on their second release, uneven not so much in musicianship as in aspiration. Is this band, named for twin ogresses of legend, a world-jazz act, a rock band, or new Scandinavian traditionalists?... "Katten i Sækken" may leave you scratching your head a bit over placing its musical intent, but most of it will leave you in little doubt as to its success." - Jim Foley, RootsWorld

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