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Håndværkersange og skæmteviser fra København og omegn
(Working and joking songs from in and around Copenhagen)

with Claus Fossing (drums), Morten Alfred Høirup (guitar) and Anders Hofset (bass)

'Fin Alfred has been working with labor songs, old folk songs and the songs of the travelling people, since he was a young man in the years after the 2nd World War, when he walked and hitch-hiked his way through Europe together. On his many travels he met and exchanged songs with craftspeople and travellers from all over Europe and the Nordic countries.

Fin Alfred, who himself comes from a working class family, is a tradition bearer, and he is carrying on a living tradition in the songs of the common man. He has an huge repertoire that he know by heart and is one of very few in Denmark who is still performing, and living, these songs - songs that you can not find in the song books, songs that are hard to find anywhere else. Håndværkersange og skæmteviser fra København og omegn (Working and joking songs from in and around Copenhagen) won Fin Alfred a Danish Music Award as 'Danish Ballade CD of the Year' in 2002. The CD contains several songs that have never been recorded before. - Morten Alfred Høirup

'The singer, musician and composer Fin Alfred Larsen is from Copenhagen indeed, but he is also a very experienced travelling musician who has a huge respect for the traveling hand craft men ('Naverne'), the old musicians who would sing in the yards in the working class gettoes, the tinkers and the gipsies, and generally with a big heart and concern for 'the little man on the street, a concern that seems genuine and real' - Jyllands-Posten (a major Danish newspaper)

Så er Fin Alfred Larsen på spil igen. Denne gang med en unik samling af i alt 27 håndværker- og naversange, samt satiriske og ironiske skæmte- og "skurviser". Fin Alfred har en række udgivelser bag sig senest børnesamlingen Filiong-gong-gong og har været med fra tiden sammen med 60'ernes øvrige store visesangere. Med sig har han Claus Fossing- trommer, Morten Alfred Høirup- guitar og Anders Hofset- bas

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