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cd cover Basco
The Remarkable Return of Old Man Basco (Go' Danish Folk)
cdRoots Code: go-1313

They are back again, with another edition of "Pan-atlantic Mighty Folk." They just can't stop making new recordings, it seems. celebrate the return of the Danish quartet of Ale Carr on cittern, body percussion, deep manly vocals and bones; Andreas Tophøjon violin, mandolin; Hal Parfitt Murray - violin, viola; Anders Ringgaard Andersen - accordion, trombone; plus a roomful of special guests including the "Big Basco" horn section, violinist David Boulanger, and vocalist Julie Hjetland. Just listen.
March of the Frogs
Batshit Polka
Linden Karen


The band sez:
Ale Carr - Cittern
Andreas Tophøj - violin, viola
Hal Parfitt Murray - violin, viola
Anders Ringgaard Andersen- accordion, trombone
Plus a roomful of special guests including the horn section "Big Basco", violinist David Boulanger, and vocalist Julie Hjetland.

Basco started out as a safety valve for Hal's almost clinical need to pump out new fiddle tunes, and is still living off it. Since their first performance back in 2003 at the Tønder Festival, Basco has been infusing folk music with piping hotness given any opportunity whatsoever. In 2011, Basco was reborn in a new Danish/Swedish incarnation, and is now ready for phase two of its programme for world domination.

Basco is a fiddle-scraping, box-belting, cittern-smacking folk/roots band with members from Denmark, Sweden and Australia. Basco's material is nearly all original, stealing shamelessly and frivolously from Scandinavian, English, Celtic and American idioms to create a kind of organic, soupy stew - full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Basco often join forces in Big Basco with three horn players, known for their work with Denmarks Radio Bigband, World music phenomenon “Tummel” and the Odense Symphony Orchestra. Folk, Jazz and Classical music in one magical mess, with Basco's beautiful tunes at its centre.

Basco's album “The Crow in the Walnut Tree” was nominatied for “Debut of the Year” DMA-Folk 2009. Their second Album "Big Basco" was released in October 2011.

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