Habadekuk - Kaffepunch
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cd cover Habadekuk
Kaffepunch (Go' Danish Folk Music)
cdRoots Code: go-0714

The second recording by this dynamic Danish roots mini-big band follows up their epic Hopsadaddy rather brilliantly, with more great brass, strings and reeds, some new attitude and solid musicianship, as expected.

Kristian Bugge, Fiddle
Rasmus Fribo, Saxophone
Rasmus Brylle, Drums
Theis Langelands, Piano
Peter Eget, Accordion
Jacob Holdensen, Trompet
Anders Ringgaard, Trombone
Søren Lund, Double Bass

"Sønderhoning sæt"
"Otte mands dans"


More info:
Habadekuk is now releasing their second album "Kaffepunch" in 2014

It's their follow up on the debut album "Hopsadaddy", which was awarded at Danish Music Award Folk 2011" as The Album of the Year 2011" and again awarded in 2013 "DMA Award of the Tradition"

Habadekuk continue with powerful horns, toe-tapping fiddle and contagious rhythms and are one of Denmark's leading folk bands and just announced to receive the Skagen Festival's Folkmusic award 2014" -July 2014 at the annually great Skagen Festival DK.

With a vibrant mix of folk, rock, salsa and big band jazz, the lively eight-man band catapults old folk melodies into the 21st century. You can expect everything from wild polkas and jigs to lyrical waltzes and rough n' ready sailor songs in an unforgettable live experience.

Habadekuk's andet album "Kaffepunch". Albummet er opfølgeren på "Hopsadaddy", der vandt prisen "Årets Album" ved Danish Music Awards Folk 2011 og "Traditionsprisen" ved DMA Folk 2013 for massivt at udbrede den danske folkemusik til et stort publikum i udlandet.

Kaffepunchen er oldefars energidrink og datidens svar på Redbull og vodka så der sparkes gang i danseskoene.

Med sine 21st century udgaver af dampende 1800 tals forsamlingshusballer er Habadekuk præcis som kaffepunchen indbegrebet af oldcool. - Selv kalder de sig for Habade-oldcool.

  • 1. Galopkontra
  • 2. Sønderhoning sæt
  • 3. Gefion
  • 4. Otte mands dans
  • 5. Habadepolka
  • 6. Rasmus Storm Polonoise
  • 7. Keraus
  • 8. Den ny Maskerade
  • 9. Svenske Nils Polka
  • 10. Dwight lamps Valse
  • 11. Dwights Schottish
  • 12. Kaffepunch

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