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cd cover Maja & David
CPH-Cafe-Yul (Go' Danish Folk Music)
cdRoots Code: go-0615

The second meeting of the Danish and Quebecois fiddlers. After many return trips across the Atlantic Ocean between Denmark and Quebec, Maja Kjær Jacobsen and David Boulanger have merged their Danish and Quebecois traditional music syles into their own seamless blend of new folk music, using their fiddles, hardanger fiddles, foot stomping and harmonica.

"Foxy Frank"
"Apres Apero"
"Varm Kaffee, Tak!"
"Ceux Qui S'Envolent"


More info:
"We often find ourselves in airports, train stations, cafés. Waiting to go. To arrive. To meet. To play. Time flies by so quickly, but we steal some to try to capture little moments and make them into tales of sound and moods. These moments have now become music, reflecting the kind of life that happens on the road, while playing on stage or catching up with friends in cafés along the way. With "CPH-Café-YUL" a part of ?the? journey ends, and a new one begins." - Maja & David

There is something true and honest about music that is played only on the number of instruments that can be carried by two people on the road. Maja & David only use the effects that their instruments can produce, and though built on great distances, their music knows no borders.

Denmark and Québec in Canada are the starting points of the duo’s music. Maja Kjær Jacobsen and David Boulanger are traditional musicians and specialists in the music of their respective cultures, which have developed in different directions 6,000 km apart for hundreds of years. Maja & David uncover the common lines in a surprising and refreshing way. By combining similarities and differences, as well as their own compositions, they create a rare and intense hybrid of traditional music.

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