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cd cover Sonnich Lydom and Morten Alfred Høirup
Svip Svap Svovlstikke (Go' Danish Folk Music)

Lydom (1 and 2 row diatonic accordion, harmonica) and Hoirup (guitar/vocals) are both veteran performers on the Danish folk scene. They have each traveled the world with their music, recorded a number of albums and received a combined 9 Danish Music Awards. The album is named for an old dance tune from the island of Fanø. Lydom culled much of the music on the album from old tune collections and from archives at the Danish Institute of Folklore, music that has never before been recorded or published. Also on the album are three original tunes by Høirup, and three Danish songs.


More info:
  • 1. Allemagasej/Svip Svap Svovlstikke (Traditional
  • 2. Keraus (Traditional)
  • 3. Maria, Græd Ej Mere For Mig (Music: Lydom Lyrics: Traditional)
  • 4. Boulevarden/Skots Riir(?)/Reel (Høirup/Traditional/Traditional)
  • 5. Huset Ved Havet (Høirup/Traditional)
  • 6. Cornelius Polka (Traditional)
  • 7. Hils Fra Mig (Music: Worsing, Lyrics: Brandstrup)
  • 8. Frændeløs/Skal Vi Gå Til Fremmede Lande (Høirup/Traditional)
  • 9. Menuet Efter Storm/Engelsk Dans (Traditional)
  • 10. Skøn Anna (Music: Traditional/Nussbaum Lyrics: Traditional)
  • 11. Riil/Engels Menuet (Traditional)
  • 12. Keraus (Traditional)
  • 13. Julevals (Traditional)
  • Sonnich Lydom (diatonic accordions, harmonicas)
  • Morten Alfred Høirup (guitars, vocals)
  • Ruthie Dornfeld (violin, vielle)
  • Channe Nussbaum (vocals)
  • Peter G. Sørensen (violin)
  • Clara Lydom (violin)
  • Malene D. Beck (harmonium)
  • Tapani Varis (jews harps)
  • Bjarke Kolerus (clarinets)
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