Rannok - Gammelt, Nyt, Lånt og Blåt - CD
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cd cover Rannok
Gammelt, Nyt, Lånt og Blåt ()
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A Danish duo (abetted by some friends) delivers rough-hewn folk music with a lot of energy.

Michael Graubæk - Fiddle, viola, mandolin, baking paper and toe tapping
Theis Langlands - Piano and pump organ


Forårs schottish (Langlands)

Kliplev marked / Smedens pærevals (Trad.)

Hamborger sveitritt (Trad.)

Ude på vejen der (Graubæk m.fl.)

More info:
Rannok is known for their intense energy and unique interaction - expect energetic polkas, atmospheric ballads and warm-hearted waltzes. With a shared passion for traditional melodies, they offer a new take on their ancestors' music: contemporary interpretations interspersed with original tunes written with respect for the folk tradition.

The duo consists of one of Denmark's top fiddlers, Michael Graubæk, selected as National Fiddler in 2014. Pianist Theis Langlands has also won several prizes. The band has released two albums, one of which was awarded "Debut of the Year" at Danish Music Awards Folk in 2011. They have played numerous concerts in Denmark and abroad.

Michael Graubæk - Violin, bratsch, mandolin, bagepapir og tramp / Fiddle, viola, mandolin, baking paper and toe tapping

Theis Langlands -Klaver og trædeorgel / Piano and pump organ

Gæster / Guests
Peter Sejersen: Kontrabas / Double bass (track 8,9)
Sonnich Lydom: Harmonika og mundharper / Accordion and harmonicas (track 1, 2,4,5,7,8)
Sigurd Hockings: Guitar (track 1,2,5,7,9)
Poul Knudsen: Trommer / Drums (track 2,5,9,12)

  • 1. Forårs schottish (Langlands) 2:46
  • 2. Kliplev marked / Smedens pærevals (Trad.) 3:35
  • 3. Hamborger sveitritt (Trad.) 3:10
  • 4. Ude på vejen der (Graubæk m.fl.) 4:23
  • 5. Klink vals / Reventlow #35 (Trad.) 3:45
  • 6. Trads mindevals (Trad.) 5:07
  • 7. Jig #1 (Graubæk) 2:14
  • 8. Gammel, nyt, lånt og blåt (Langlands) 4:13
  • 9. Ole Kjær #17 (Trad.) 2:57
  • 10. Farmors vals (Langlands) 3:24
  • 11. Hopsa med mol (Trad.) 1:52
  • 12. Hanegal (Trad.) 3:30
  • 13. Toreby ligsalme (Trad.) 4:59

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