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cd cover TrioTinus
Trio Tinus (Go Danish Music)

Traditional Danish dance music inspired by the legendary dance band Æ'Tinusser.
Carl Erik Lundgaard: cromatic accordion, mouth organ
Anders Ringgaard: trombone
Vagn Dahl Hansen: piano


More info:
Triotinus play the traditional Danish dance music - with inspiration from the legendary dance band Æ'Tinusser.

3 of DK's most well know and active traditional musicians, Carl Erik Lundgaard (Lang Linken, solo, Puls, Danish Dia Delight etc) Vagn Dahl Hansen ( Mette Kathrine, Med kærlig hilsen, Evald Thomsen) and Anders Ringgard ( Basco, Habadakuk etc.), has for years been inspired by the unique traditional dance band Æ'Tinuser from Oksbøl in western Jutland. They were brothers - Hans, Karl and Ejnar Nielsen - and up to the 1970's they played the violin, the piano and the drums/the trombone respectively.

They had the music from their father - Martinus Nielsen - who in a generation was a folk musician himself in that part of the country. They played at society balls, birthday parties, silver weddings, golden weddings and many other occasions for more than 60 years. Æ Tinuser became an institution - when a family party was arranged you asked first Æ Tinuser, then the cook and at last the village hall - in the above mentioned order. For the party should include "soup, roast and Æ Tinuser".

TrioTinus had a tied and close connection to these three brothers. In their earlier days both Carl Erik Lundgaard and Vagn Dahl Hansen use to play regularly with the brothers. -and Andres Ringgaard managed to get hold of the brothers original trombone.

TrioTinus says: "We have no ambitions of producing the same sound as Æ Tinuser, but the inspiration is certainly there, even though the accordion has taken the place of the violin. One of the features of Æ Tinuser was that they did it their way. We play the music our way."

  • 1. Hans Jensen hans støkk i Blåvand / Æ nabo Støkk (Vagn Dahl Hansen)
  • 2. Skøjteløberen / Gammel Tretur for fire Par
  • 3. Hamborgerforløbet
  • Den bette Hamborger
  • Den store Hamborger
  • Galopade
  • Den bette Jydske
  • 4. Du skønne fortryllende Kirsten / Vals nummer 20
  • 5. Gammel sekstur for fire Par
  • 6. Halv tolv (gæstemusiker på trommer: Rasmus Brylle)
  • 7. Hej bette Ven / Basunpolka
  • 8. Kølvandsmøde (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
  • 9. Trekant nummer 69 / Det går jo længer jo Bedre / Polonaise Svebsk
  • 10. En gammel Tyrolervals / Glizzandovals
  • 11. Jens Pingels Firetur (Vagn Dahl Hansen) / Fruens Firetur (Vagn Dahl Hansen)
  • 12. Scottish nummer 35 / Har du aldrig set min Kone
  • 13. Kaffegalop
  • 14. Hans Tuesen hans Støkk
  • 15. Varsovienne / Den gammel hans Vals
  • Traditionel dansk spillemandsmusik
  • Alle numre er trad. arrangerede af TrioTinus.
Traditional Danish folk music All numbers are trad. arranged by TrioTinus.


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