Titla - Theodosii Spassov
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Theodosii Spassov
Titla (Gega New, Bulgaria)

The kaval master and a powerful small ensemble explore ancient roots and contemporary ideas, turning from folk roots to pure pop on a dime.

The title means hard soil. The CD design incorporates a small plastic pouch of soil from the village of Kostenets, Bulgaria.

Yildiz Ibrahimova - vocal; Theodosii Spassov - kaval, melodica, dvoyanka, vocal; Ognian Videv - guitar; Rumen Toskov - piano, bass synthesizer; Georgi Donchev - bass, gadulka; Stoyan Yankulov - tupan, percussion, tarambukka; Galina Dormushliiska - vocal; Ateshhan Yuseinov - guitar; Hristo Yotsov - percussion; Western Disricts Vocal Quartet (Pavlina Gorcheva, Slavyana Ivanova, Sofia Ilieva, Natalia Ivanova); Kiril Georgiev - percussion, Elena Dineva - vocal, Dimitar Todorov - bagpipie, Georgi Petrov - gadulka, Robert Kumbeliev - bass; Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra, conducted by Hristofor Radanov; Lyubomir Vladimirov - tambura, Simeon Shterev - flute, Vesselin Ivanov - bass, and Danislav Kehayov - vocal.

Shake it, Gergina
Oh Those Years
At the Carding-Frame in Kubrat

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