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cd cover Besh o droM
Macsó Hímzés (Macho Embroidery)

The music is a strange as the name, a mix of traditional Gypsy and Hungarian folk roots with an almost 'punk' nature, almost all acoustic and yet full of electricity.

"They're a bunch of Budapest-based Hungarians playing - on reeds, brass, violin, guitar, cimbalom, accordeon, oud, ney, kaval, bass and percussion - music that excites them, not learnt at their father's knee but picked up here and there and from records. It is yet further proof of the power of middle and eastern European and Gypsy music to spread and metamorphose, gathering up whatever sticks to it to make modern wide-audience music of dazzling drive and colour." Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots, review

Also by Besh o droM: Nekem-tenemmutogatol - Can't Make Me!

The band says of its music:
"Budapest based Besh o droM is a 10-piece electro-acoustic collective, combining turntable wizardry, deep ethnic folk roots and wild jazz improvisation to spectacular effect. Their sound exemplifies the vital creative energy that is flourishing throughout the region and fusing east and west in myriad new ways.

Besh o droM was founded in 1999. Their music is inspired by Balkan, Hungarian and Romanian Gypsy tunes and Middle Eastern traditional music. They interpret this music in their unique style, mixing various musical genres and backgrounds. Most of the tunes they play are traditional but they take the liberty to use any tunes they really like and enjoy. They have developed a very loyal following in Hungary and have started their carrier in the international world music circuit.

Besh o droM in Gypsy language means "sit on the road" literally, but its real meaning is "follow your path, get on with it". It is also wordplay in Hungarian meaning "I am rolling…" (a cigarette). Besh o droM's first CD entitled "Macsó hímzés" (again a wordplay with a local folk connotation, 'Macho embroidery' in literal translation) was published by FONO Records in October 2000. The band has teamed up with Hungarian scratch magician and top hih-hop DJ. Tradition meets the best of club sound, gypsy violin virtuoso with jazz improvisation, a fantastic brass section mixes with funk grooves. A 1000mph musical mayhem, a real audience pleaser with very strong musicianship. World music at its best – an absolute must. Dance shoes recommended.

In May 2001 they shared the stage and spirit with Boban Markovic and Taraf de Haiduks at the Music Academy of Budapest. Tracks from their first CD have been selected for various compilation CDs including FolkRoots' hit list CD.

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