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"This is a band that can write well, too, and cater to their strengths - the way they can push each other higher and higher. An absolute joy. - Chris Nickson, GlobalVillageIdiot

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"Flook's first studio CD follows on the exciting success of their 1997 Live! EP, and Flatfish is manna to lovers of skillfully played, predominantly Irish tunes. The Flook formula is a winning one, and it has changed only slightly: take two instrumental masters of flutes, whistles, and blowey things (Sarah Allen and Brian Finnegan; the original lineup also included Michael McGoldrick), and layer them over guitar or bouzouki (Ed Boyd) and bodhran (John Joe Kelly, new for this session). ... Flook's arrangements are nothing less than first-rate and, above all, joyous. Allen and company should be commended for crafting an instantly recognizable sound that expands the boundaries of instrumental acoustic music." - Lee Blackstone, RootsWorld

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About the band
(from their press material)

It is the understanding between four musicians who, each after very different early musical careers, found their way together. It lies in a spontaneity born of their exceptional ability to react and respond to one another. And most importantly it is the very real sense of enjoyment between them at recognising this rare connection, then pushing it as far as it can go.

Brian Finnegan's unique style of flute playing comes from growing up amongst a generation of Irish musicians who allowed themselves to be influenced by the musical world around them. Given freedom to explore, he weaves his way in and out of jazz while remaining true to the roots of the music. Sarah Allen seems one minute to let him go and the next to bring him back into her space, her alto flute drawing in and hypnotising the listener with its sensual earthiness. John Joe Kelly's phenomenal bodhran playing then kicks in and the whole thing takes off; he bounces off Brian and Sarah's variations with incredible awareness. And through it all is Ed Boyd on guitar - between the notes and filling every breath, his power breathtaking, his attention to changes of mood delicate and wise.

The idea of Flook was first conceived in November, 1995 when Michael McGoldrick, Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen got together for a one off tour entitled "Three Nations Flutes". Ed Boyd was drafted in at the end of the tour and they changed their name to Fluke, later to Flook. When Mike left to pursue solo projects in 1998, John Joe Kelly was bought in full time having previously appeared as an occasional guest.

Flook continues to grow. Their gigs have an urgent energy, as if the connection is fleeting, creating an environment in which the audience is drawn into the here and now of the music. A music unrestrained, undefined - coming from four very different people with one common language.

Flook's unique combination of flutes underpinned by fluid guitar and hugely impressive bodhran playing has made them one of the most popular groups on the live music circuit in Britain today. Perfectly capturing the Zeitgeist of mixing traditional tunes with contemporary beats and ideas, they have been at the forefront of the new tradition of bands emerging at the moment and are one of the best and most innovative. At home with crowds of thousands, crowds of hundreds as well as crowds of tens in workshops, they are as relaxed on stage with their audience rapport as they are with their instrumental talent, and always provide an evening of quality entertainment.

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