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cd cover Ville Kangas
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One of Finland's most innovative young musicians, Kangas has been something of an iconoclast, creating a new folk music outside of the usual folk routes of the country. He is an innovative artist who knows when (and when not) to depend on his roots for inspiration and sound development. This record is very contemporary while still richly colored by acoustic instruments and some great vocalists, much in line with his recent collaboration on the Piniartut project (in fact, there is a reprise of one of the songs from Piniartut on this one).

He is best known for his work with Prusikoukku and is currently the violinist with Iso Alanko Säätiö. Guests on this recording include Tellu, Antti Rintamäki, Ismo Alanko, Timo Myllykangas, Hannu Saha and others. He was part of the influential collaboration Piniartut in 2001.

Kangas plays violin, harmonium, bouzouki, bass, guitar, organ, synthesizer. His guests contribute kantele, percussion, bass, flutes, guitar and more.

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