Lakis & Achwach - Taxiδi - CD
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Lakis & Achwach
Taxiδi (Extraplatte)

The band Lakis & Achwach was founded 20 years ago by Lakis Jordanopoulos in Vienna. The point of the project was to expand from the Greek music tradition and interpret lesser-known Greek songs and instrumental music. They do so with an international outlook (and ensemble) and a world view of great curiosity.

Jiannis Stou sou mi tsou

Lakis Jordonopoulos - lead vocal, guitar (Greece)
Antonis Vounelakos - guitar, midi-guitar, vocals (Greece)
Hartmut Kamm - e-guitar (Germany)
Manfred Balacz - saxophone, flute (Austria)
Herwig Thöny - e-bass, contrabass, vocals (Liechtenstein)
Yildirim Fakilar - Percussion (Turkey)
Jusuf Topcu - drums (Turkey)
Reimar Fochler - sound-engineering (Austria)

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The band says:
t the beginning there was the rembetico, the greek blues, "the devil's music". Homeland for the homeless, port for the shipwrecked, rhythmical ecstasy for the melancholy of love.

20 years later: The neorembetico of Lakis & Achwach is music for life. A sounderuption with a virtuos electric guitar, a pulsating bass and floating drums; with a classic guitar mutating to an orchestra, a violin with jewisch exuberance and the dark voice of Lakis Jordanopoulos.

The instruments are telling charmed stories about 1001 nights, from the magic forces of the sea and the impulsively oscillations of mediterean life. Telling stories about spheric sounds in the clear night in the aegaeis and the roaring of the uncontrolled elements of Aeiolos, the god of the winds. Telling stories about the strong smell of jasmine and isolation drowned in retsina; about narrow life at the edge of the city and the wideness of love.

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