Triki 1: Diatonic Dynamite
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various Basque melodeons
Triki 1: Diatonic Dynamite


" excellent overview of and introduction to the sound of trikitixa - the rolling staccato, reiterated triplets, trilling tambourine, hair-raising ascending vocal ululations called irrintzi, and sense of enormous fun. Here's a sampling of all the trikitixa players and groups, both mainstream traditional and developmental, in the label's current catalogue, including Tapia eta Leturia, in more traditional style as well as with the band, and Kepa in traditional trio format with Zabaleta and Motriku, in his solo album context with a jazzy/rocky band, and with Pereira. The accordion hasn't been around for long, relatively speaking, so each generation of players tends to take the tradition a noticeable step forward; by "traditional" I guess I really mean "nearer to the previous generation's style". It was the players before and during the Euskera-suppressive Franco years who built and maintained the platform from which the post-Franco generation ascend, and there exist recordings of them too, most made in the vinyl and cassette days for Elkar, IZ and other labels.The album opens with members of that generation, the trio Maurizia, Leon eta Basilio, but the emphasis in general here is on the impressive dynamism and technique of the new wave, who aren't only demonstrative of Euskadi's musical vitality but also represent probably the country's most potentially exportable musical commodity." Andrew Cronshaw, fROOTS

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