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cd cover Etxahun
Etxahun: 1907-1979

Pierra Bordazarre (1907-79), aka Etxahun-Iruri, was a singer from Xiberoa, Euskal Herriko. He was one of the major Basque musical figures in folk music in the 20th century, and this recording capures him in personal performances (almost all a cappella, either solo or with a vocal ensemble), as well as performances by other singers who pay tribute to his work. This is a fantastic chance to hear the spirit of the language.

Zelu urdin
Domecq marinelaren hiltzea
Bi ama baditit

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Etxahun-Iruri, born Pierra Bordazarre, was a cultural force of nature in the Basque province of Xiberoa (Soule, France) during the post-war period.

These 22 songs, recorded over half a century, represent some of the best-known of Etxahun’s extensive repertoire. On this CD which is part documentary and part tribute, we are privileged to hear Etxahun himself in a half-dozen historic recordings.

Etxahun wrote at least nine pastorales, or folk-operas that brought to life the culture of his remote mountainous region. Many of his songs are still recorded today, by such artists as Imanol, Oskorri and Erramun Martikorena. Here one can hear the unadorned songs in an authentic and original context.

Other performers include Niko Etxart and other contemporary artists from Xiberoa, including Etxahun's family. - David Cox

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