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cd cover Pantxoa eta Peio
Lurra eta maitasuna (Land and Love) (Elkarlanean)

Two great Basque singers, Peio Ospital and Pantxoa Carrere, sing of the opposing emotions of being Basque: the desire to be a peacemaker at home in his land and the struggle to be recognized as a people.


Land and love are essential for the survival of the human being, and they are also the source of inspiration for popular songs. Peio Ospital and Pantxoa Carrere have always used this eternal, vital concept brilliantly, producing humane, moving, close and lyrical songs which are vigorous and sublime at the same time. In fact, Basque music or culture cannot be understood without Pantxoa eta Peio. These two attractive voices sing as if they were one, beating as one heart, extolling the virtues of unity, language, love, land, peace and freedom.

In their songs, this duo mixes two feelings which are difficult to separate: the fighters kind soul and the peace lovers internal struggle. Lurra eta maitasuna (Land and Love) features sweet melodies and everlasting messages, elevated songs and lyrics laden with humanity. The albums twelve brilliant themes make up a renewed repertoire: surprising, novel Celtic atmospheres, traditional songs about the hills and the forest, nostalgia that caresses our soul, stars in the sky, peace on earth... Their sources of inspiration combine tradition and some contemporary references (Manex Pagola, Jean Louis Davant, Etxahun Iruri, Pier Paul Berzaitz... ), along with the fresh contributions made by some of the members of their current band: Igor Telletxea, Mixel Ducau and Iņaki Dieguez. Thus, the album is enriched by new, modern, suggestive and universal references. Its essential contents and revitalising sounds tell us about love, one's land, peace and the freedom so longed for.

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