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cd cover Music from Mozambique

Always trust the recordings with the simple titles instead of some cute visionary nonsense. This is another fine recording from Caprice and the Swedish Radio folks. From recent pop songs to some absolutely gorgeous acoustic guitar playing, this CD offers a great vision of the music as it lives now.

Some short MP3 samples:
Duo Willy and Anibal acoustic guitars and vocals
David Mazembe contemporary band
Associaçã0 Familiar vocals and persuccion
Silita timbila (xylophone) vocals and percussion

Info from the CD notes:

Music in present-day Mozambique deserves to be called "world music", if any music does. With impressions from e.g. Asia's world of xylophones, Arabian scales, European melodies and instruments, from Portuguese fado to modern rock and pop, it embraces one of Africa's most exiting and varied musical worlds.

This CD includes many kinds of music found in different parts of the country. Today's latest pop music is represented by the youthful group Mozafro and experimental hard rock is played by Os Inocentes. We encounter the traditional folk music of the rural areas with Utei Acena and "tufu music", offshoots of Muslim Sufic culture, with Associacăo Familiar de Namicopo . The important African trobadour tradition with a vocalist who sings, to his own accompaniment, about historical, moral or edifying subjects, is represented here by the legendary singer from the north, Constantino Warila.

Here, too, we have newly composed music on a traditional basis with Silita or Pazédi from the capital city of Maputo, and today's popular and dance music with Alberto de Oliveira and Luis Celestino. You can also enjoy several performances of the "new" popular music of yesterday, the marrabenta and related forms, still alive and favorites, with Duo Willy & Anibal, Agusto Guta or Valdimar "Djingo" Mbenzane. And from the city of Beira the dynamic - and forever young - veteran David Mazembe, who captivates us together with some of the city's foremost musicians.

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