Sofia Jannock - ᚚogáttis (by the embers) - CD
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cd cover Sofia Jannock
áššogáttis (by the embers) (Caprice, Sweden)

The Swedish Sami singer will bring a number of references to mind, from the energy of Varttina to the jazzy sophistication of lena Willemark. But ultimately, she can stand on her own. This is her second recording, and its mix of sami roots, pop and jazz has many moods, from pure pop to complex new music. A fine singer, a great band and a willingness to experiement make this one well worth your consideration. Give her a listen!


More info:
  • 01 - Ŕššogáttis (4:18)
  • 02 - Árvas (3:19)
  • 03 - Liekkas (3:23)
  • 04 - Irene (3:50)
  • 05 - Davádat (3:40)
  • 06 - Váralaš (3:47)
  • 07 - Sámi eatnan duoddariid (4:19)
  • 08 - Vuolvojavrri (0:43)
  • 09 - Golle Máze (2:55)
  • 10 - Vássán áiggit (3:53)
  • 11 - Dulla lulla (3:46)

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