Daniel le Noan and Alain Micel - an Eured
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Daniel le Noan and Alain Micel
an Eured (An Naer, France)

Daniel le Noan: Bombard
Alain Micel: biniou (Breton pipes)

Here is the pace and rhythm of an crazy day, a wedding in central Brittany. In the morning, the two families measure each other up, reserved. Then comes the the sounds of the rite and the priest... At the precise time the bell ringers entone their calling, jubilation comes forth, the match approved. Then comes the union and dance, songs and laughter follow one another. Daniel le Noan (bombard), Alain Michel (biniou - breton bagpipes) and their friends have attempted to recreate the sound of the wedding. An Eured will plunge you into the heart of an old tradition, as if you had received your very own invitation.

The bellringers
a solo siner
processional for bombarde and biniou
a dance for bombarde and biniou

The label says (and please pardon my translation!)

It is a choice, quite human, to want to testify and transmit our approach of the sound of traditional music. Through our instruments and at the same time through a magical and symbolic system, we wanted to pay suitable and merry homage. Always out of time, the wedding in centre-Bretagne is defined by sober, solemn and festives sequences. The bell ringers thus offer a bridge between one day's journée partculière.

We decided to organize a wedding, where the behavior and the songs find their references, while putting aside any musical artifice; the music moves with ardour and passion through these special moments. There is also our preference for surprises, nuances and imperfections because they reveal the carnal and reciprocal bonds of the music.

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